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Make Your Computer New Again – With Contact Paper

The one piece of equipment most of us carry around everywhere we go is the laptop. For most of us, this means the computer occasionally gets dropped, scratched or smudged. After a year or two, the computer may still run fine but its outside shell looks pretty beat up. If you want to give that computer a brand new look for just a few dollars, it’s time to pick up some contact paper.

Contact paper is one of those products that has a thousand uses. Traditionally used for lining cabinets, drawers and shelves, contact paper has now found a niche among the high-tech gadgets we carry with us wherever we go. It’s the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to transform the look of a used computer.

Tools You’ll Need

Much of the work can be done with your hands, but you will also need to have a hobby knife at your disposal. A squeegee can be used to press out the bubbles in the paper, but for the small surface of a laptop, your hands will work just fine.

First Things First

Marble Blue Contact Paper Pebble Stone Contact Paper

Now that you’ve decided to give your laptop a new look, it’s time to pick a style. There are thousands of colors and designs to choose from. A popular one is the woodgrain, which gives your computer a distinct look. But there are others, from bright bold colors to silver granite, onyx stone or black marble textures. All will give your computer that distinct look you want.

To apply the contact paper simply cut off a piece large enough to cover the computer. Peel off the back layer and press the adhesive side firmly to the laptop. If you want the computer’s logo to show through, simply trace the edges of the logo with your fingernail and follow the line with your hobby knife. On the inside, where the paper covers the keyboard, trackpad and ports, don’t worry about wrinkles or bubbles. Simply trace the edges of those areas with your fingernail, then follow the line with your hobby knife to remove and voila! You have a brand new computer!

The contact paper won’t damage the computer and it is easy to remove, leaving the old exterior exactly as it was. This way you can change the style as often as you like, all for a few minutes’ time and a few dollars’ investment. There’s no better way to spruce up your favorite digital tool!

Sunflowers Contact Paper

Beige Fruit Check Contact Paper

Contact Paper Does Even More

Now you have an idea how versatile contact paper can be. But there are still other uses you have probably never realized. Below is a list of just a few. Have your own ideas? Please share in the comment box!

Even More Uses:

1.) Line a bookshelf

2.) Cut out shapes and make labels for storage containers

3.) Cover the workspace on an old desk

4.) Decorate the doors of a cabinet

5.) Use chalkboard contact paper to make your very own chalkboard