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3 Ways to Add Fun to Your Kid's Bedroom

There are several ways you can decorate a child's room without spending a great deal of effort or money. You want your child to enjoy their room, and to make it their own with clever style and design ideas. Below are three ways you can spruce up the room with just a few minutes' work and a few dollars' investment.

1.) Wallpaper Borders

Cars FZ4616 Wallpaper Border Boats B72044 Wallpaper Border

Wallpaper borders are a fun and easy way to freshen up any room. Borders come in a variety of styles and themes, so finding the perfect one is a snap. For a young boy, a sports themed border might do the trick. Or one featuring race cars. Or fishing boats. The options are limited only by your child's imagination. Maybe your young daughter loves horses. Or ballet. Or maybe she is enamored with the solar system. Any of these can be displayed with wallpaper borders, letting your child be surrounded by what they love every time they enter their room. Pick what they like and they will fall in love with their room all over again. The borders can be run on the ceiling line or on the chair rail. Both choices look great, but the chair rail is a nice touch for the younger children because it is within reach and they can get up close with the design and let their imaginations go to work.

2.) Chalkboard Contact Paper

Chalkboard Contact Paper - Black with 5 Chalks

Chalkboard Contact Paper is a great addition to any child's room. The paper acts just like a chalkboard. It is easy to apply. Simply peel off the adhesive layer and press to the surface of any wall or flat surface. Walls are great places for a large square of chalkboard so that the child can draw to their heart's content without fear of damaging the walls or paint. But walls are just the beginning. Closet doors can become message boards. The face of dresser drawers can become hand drawn labels, so that the child can decide what goes where, and keep track of things just by glancing at the dresser. Chalkboard Contact Paper can also be applied to small lamp shades, allowing the child to sign their name or decorate the lamp with their own imaginative designs.

3.) Handmade Growth Chart

This is a fun way to track your child's growth. It's fun for the parent to see the child growing up, but it's also fun for the child, who gets to make the Handmade Growth Chart with their own hands. The idea is simple. Dedicate a wall to the project. Remove wall hangings or other decorations so that the wall is bare. Allow the child to dip their hands in some nontoxic, water-based paint, selecting a color that shows up against the color of the wall. Have the child stand facing the wall and reach up as far as their arms can extend. Then have them press their hands against the wall to make imprints. Repeat this every few months or once a year, starting at one corner and moving across the wall. What you will have in a few years is a progression of their growth, showing not only the extended reach but also the increased size of their hands. Mix up the colors as you go to brighten the design. It will be a memento to keep long after they outgrow the room and move off to college, and it's fun for the whole family to participate. More than one child makes the design that much more appealing, so get everyone in on the act!