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Badash Crystal


Wave 3 Section Server in Silver 16x5.5 inches

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  • Ride the silver wave! This ravishing 3 sectioned silver wave tray will exceed your highest expectations. At 5.5 inches by 16 inches, it dips down leaving lots of room for whatever it is you choose to fill it with. The decorative designs shine through from the bottom so its food safe ! European Handcrafted Hand Wash Only - Food Safe Elegant Silver Accent Unique Design Environmentally Sustainable All Natural Components
  • Wave 3 Section Server in Silver 16x5.5' brings beauty and function together. Hand-decorated by the finest artisans in the world, this collection is produced from all natural minerals and fully recyclables.
  • With this superior quality and style, you can never go wrong with these exquisite works of art as a gift for yourself or for someone dear.

Natural materials

Keywords:artwork, designers gift, Oriental

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