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Snowman in Red Hand Blown Christmas Ornament

Snowman in Red Hand Blown Christmas Ornament

Yurana Designs
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Add sophisticated style into function and make every moment special with beautifully designed hand sculptured glass figurines from Yurana Designs. Choose from diverse shapes of different animals, birds, fish and figurative art which are individually created by glass artists using variety of tools and techniques - no molds are used so you are assured that each piece is unique and no two pieces are exactly alike. Packed in a white gift box making it perfect for a gift. Give someone a pleasant surprise today!


- Snowman in Red Hand Blown Christmas Ornament by Yurana Designs

- Clear Globe is about 3-3/4" Diameter, Snowman in Red Is Inside the Glass Globe

- Packed in a white Gift Box – perfect gift for Christmas

- With 17 unique designs of Ornaments to choose from

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