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How To Decorate With Wall Murals

Bouquet 4-713 Wall Mural

Wall Murals are great for sprucing up the decor of your home without a lot of expense and without a lot of work. Essentially, they are large portraits or images that are applied to walls to accent the décor of a room. They can be landscapes, such as country settings in the summer or cozy cottages in a snow storm. They can be animals, from fish to bears to birds to butterflies. They can be cars, trucks or ships. They can be beachscapes or tropical locales. There is an endless supply of wall murals available today and they are one of the professional decorator’s secret weapons because they provide such a statement for such little effort.

When choosing a wall mural, it’s important to consider your own passions, likes and dislikes. After all, your home is representative of you and your family. If your favorite summer trip is to the lake to fish then you know a fishing mural will suit your home just fine. If downhill skiing is how you spend your vacations, then maybe an alpine mountain scene will be the thing. Whatever you love is what you should choose to represent with your wall mural. When it comes down to it, much of what we do as decorators only allows you to express yourself in colors, patterns and textures. The wall mural allows you to get much more specific. It allows you to express your passions in detailed portraits. Today’s digital imaging and high-tech materials make for some beautiful and striking imagery. Once you start shopping, you’ll be hooked.

Street Soccer 8-953 Wall Mural

World Map 4-050 Wall Mural

Dolomiti Mountains 8-955 Wall Mural

But where should the wall mural be hung? This is the second big question you will have to answer. The good news is there really is no wrong room. They can work in large spacious living rooms, of course, but the right mural can also be effective in a small guest room – even in a bathroom.

Walk through your home and look for the wall that seems inviting. Take your time. You will find it. Sooner or later you will come across the perfect spot and you will know where the mural will be hung. It could be an accent wall in the dining room or that wall in the master bedroom you never knew what to do with. You will see a place for your mural and everything will click.

You’ve selected your mural and you’ve found its new home. Now it is simply a matter of hanging the paper onto your wall. This is much simpler than it was in days past, so it is definitely something you can do yourself. Of course, if you prefer, there are plenty of professional paper hangers and designers who would be happy to assist. The wall mural applies easily and stays on for years and years, all the while retaining its brilliant resolution and color. It is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful tools in the decorator’s toolbox.