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Surf At Risk Shark Clock Art by Allen Designs

Surf At Risk Shark Clock Art by Allen Designs

Allen Designs
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Inspired by Michelle Allen’s love for the imperfect, slightly eccentric and witty quality of the world, this whimsical Surf At Risk Clock Art by Allen Designs is not your ordinary timepiece. This clock, featuring a funky shark and a surfer in the swinging pendulum, will give any plain room a colorful and playful detail.

Size: 12.5 inches x 13.5 inches
Hand-painted arrow clock hands
Swinging Surfer Pendulum
Cast in resin, finished by hand
Requires "AA" battery
With two-year warranty
Designed by Michelle Allen
Colors: blue, grey, yellow, off white

Keywords: fish, sharke, pendulum, Allen Designs, handcrafted, hand painted, nautical, marine, clock, pendulum