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Selecting A Wallpaper Border For The Kitchen


How do you decorate the central room of the home? It's the busiest, the most social, most used room. It is where the family gathers every day. It is where guests assemble at parties, holidays and impromptu dinners. So when it comes to the decor, you put everything you've got into the kitchen.

Kitchen wall borders   

Let's Start Simple You have already poured your heart into the decor. You've spent countless hours considering cabinets and countertops. But what about the walls? How much thought have you given to the walls relative to the other elements?

Go With Borders

Traditional wallpaper is always a step up from paint. The styles, patterns and texture from wallpaper provides another dimension that simple paint cannot touch. But full wallpaper coverage is not always ideal for every kitchen. Sometimes the configuration doesn't allow for a good presentation of a full wallpaper pattern. Sometimes you want a cleaner, sleeker look. In these cases, wallpaper borders fit the bill.

Choosing A Style

Kitchen b7000dc Wallpaper Border

Red Dancing Chef TS106421 Wallpaper Border

It's always best to select a border after you've got the rest of the kitchen decor worked out. This way you can let the border style fit the colors you've already put together. By browsing through the many collections available, or going to your local home decor shop, you can find the style that fits your kitchen perfectly.

Loving It

Finding the right wallpaper border for the kitchen can be difficult. After all, this is the central room in the home. And when you select wallpaper, part of doing so is because of the lifespan of the product. Properly hung wallpaper can last for decades. This can add pressure when making your selection. The best way to deal with this is to take your time. The more you search the more you will see what is available. As you do, you will stumble on that perfect style. Not one you like, but one you love! You will find the border that will look great in your kitchen for years and years to come. 

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